Thief Steals Motorbike, Hero Races Up To Him And Kicks Him Off

There are very few things in this world that if stolen from me that I pursue a scary criminal in an attempt to physically get it back. Actually after some brief thought, there is nothing that I would risk my life to confront a thief to get back (Sorry girlfriend, it was nice knowing you). However I’m just some blogger who is of course sitting in my mom’s basement and probably doesn’t even have a girlfriend. So on the courage scale I rank slightly higher than a Comcast customer service representative. This man however was not about to have a motorcycle get stolen without a fight.

Some thief stole a motorbike and raced down a suburban street. I guess the stolen bike owner’s friend felt compelled to get on his motorbike and chase after the criminal. Once he caught up to him, he did some action movie shit and kicked the rider off the bike. Police soon arrived and arrested the crook.

You know this dude played some Road Rash back in the day.