10 Things All Bros Want from Girls Other Than Sex

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Sex is great and all, but when it comes to women, men want more from than to just fulfill their primal instinct — whether they know it or not.

Some guys subconsciously want a mother figure (Oedipus complex, yikes!), while others willingly admit that they thrive off of dating the crazy, somewhat unstable, girls out there.

The good news is that there are plenty of fish in the sea — someone for everyone, or so they say.

Nonetheless, guys still problematically reduce the opposite gender to a simple, black-and-white purpose — sex.

It’s not the end all and be all, bros. The sooner you realize that, the easier life will be.

Here’s what guys are looking for in girls other than the old in-and-out:

1. Communication

A guy talking to another guy in a social setting is so entirely different then a guy and a girl talking in a social or intimate setting. The dick and fart jokes — or political chatter if that’s your shtick — and the endless Game of Thrones banter is replaced with raw honesty about aspirations, preferences, and, yes, feelings.

Hey, I’m not trying to saying we’re all softies here, but every guy should own up to the fact that he enjoys a conversing with women. They enable us to talk about the “stuff” we simply do not talk about in a bro-only setting.

Not to be overlooked: deep down guys love to be challenged by a strong woman who can express herself well and openly state her opinions, as well as her feelings. Sure arguments with the guys are always a riot, but an argument with a female can be equally rewarding as long as it doesn’t turn into a fight.

2. Laughter

Although enjoyable, getting a guy to laugh at a joke has its limitations within the male ego; meanwhile, when a chick laughs at something you say, you end up feeling like a $1,000 bucks for the rest of the day. And for the most part, you don’t know why.

And if you think I know the answer, then you’re sorely mistaken — this isn’t psychology class.

Similar to No. 1, it’s overlooked too often, guys like girls who are funny and playful. Having someone to laugh at your jokes is the best, but it’s also nice to be with some who cracks you up and doesn’t have a penis.

3. Organization

To some women out there this will seem demeaning, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Bros are unorganized slobs who simply need help getting their respective shit together. It’s not a bad thing that females are better at managing clothes and organizing rooms. In fact, I for one am kind of jealous of their ability to keep things tidy and make it look so easy.

And yes, I’m aware there are plenty of girl slobs out there. These women are not wife material, just saying.

4. Belief

Confidence dictates the rules of the road with pretty much everything associated in pursuing females, so it’s no surprise to see belief (also known as support) on this list. Guys want girls who believe in them and who see their potential. While sex is important, it’s pretty obvious that men want women because they give us some sort of X-factor in the confidence department that we would otherwise be without.

Yes, ladies, without your belief in us we’d be half the men we are today. There, I said it.

However, men also do seek a…

5. Care-giver

Again, I’m not trying to belittle females, but guys are looking for a good nurse in their woman. Any girls who can apply a bandage or reduce a fever is going to win thousands of subconscious points with a guy that a sexual freak will simply never be able to score.

Yea, it’s cool that the chick you brought home last night could put her legs behind her head, but that flexibility means absolutely nothing if she doesn’t know how to help you when you’re puking your guts out the next morning or, worse, when you’re suffering from a mean case of diarrhea.

See, sex isn’t everything.

6. Independence

This should be higher because the sex could be dynamite — the best you’ve ever had, but the reality is you won’t be sticking around for long if she’s a stage-five clinger. In fact, every positive attribute — looks, intelligence, support — can be ruined instantly if she’s always nagging you with texts/calls or even worse: uninvited visits to your apartment. Men require freedom (golf, poker, etc.) and they actually want the same out of their women. Constantly being around each other is how relationships sailor dive to an abrupt and unfriendly halt. Everyone needs space, guys and girls.

7. Tolerance

Man is this important! Raise your hand if you’ve ever acted like a drunken buffoon before. Everyone’s hands raised? OK, good.

Bros want a girl who can tolerate this sort of behavior and not judge them based on one or two (or twelve) nights of complete and utter mayhem. A guy wants someone who will stand by him through thick and thin, and that — again — is a lot more than just having sex with someone. It requires patience, understand, and…you get the picture.

8. Honesty

This goes hand and hand with tolerance, as well as other items on this list. Although painful most of the time, guys do need the honesty a girl gives them. How else would we change and become better people?

A man needs a helping hand every once and a while — OK fine, everyday — when he acts like a headless Neanderthal, and a woman gives him that balanced assessment that he wouldn’t be able to make with his own partial judgments.

Speaking of hands…

9. An old fashioned

What? This doesn’t count as sex, but it’s an important part of the male-female relationship. Sure, bros can take care of their own needs, and some prefer to do it manually, but there are some instances in life when a good, old-fashioned jerk is the best cure in the entire world.

(Side note: this would make for a great column idea. Everyone available next week?)

10. Sensuality

Looking good is too obvious to have on this list, and I wanted to stay away from looks in general, but sensuality is different because it’s all about how a girl carries herself. If chicks are attracted to confidence, then guess what? Guys are too.

A girl with an air of sexiness and confidence can trump a better looking broad any day of the week, and guys don’t even realize it. All it takes is a woman who is comfortable with her own sexuality. Sometimes hot chicks are very insecure, and are therefore not as sexy as their physical looks deceive you into believing.

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