9 Things Every Bro Needs To Know When He Turns 30

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Things Every Bro Needs To Know When He Turns 30


Turning 30 is terrifying. Suddenly, you’re supposed to be an actual adult and all your dreams seem like silly childish fantasies, and… sorry, I started panicking there for a moment.

The truth is that turning 30 doesn’t have to be all that scary as long as you know what to expect. You might not have your shit together as much as you wanted, and you’re never going to Cancun for Spring Break again, but as long as you understand and accept these nine things that every bro needs to know when they turn 30, you’re going to be alright.

You’re Old

Let’s not beat around the bush. I know this stings, but you are now the “old guy.” Just think about how goddamn old someone in his 30s seemed to you back in the day. Yeah, that’s you now.

Of course, “old” is just a relative term. As long as you understand that you are 30 and that everyone younger than you thinks you are made of dust and cobwebs and probably fought in the Civil War, and don’t try to act like the creepy dude who can’t let go, you’ll be fine. Just don’t be that dude who thinks he can still “pass” as a college bro. You show up for a party and everyone just thinks you’re an undercover cop. You know the dudes I’m talking about.

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