App Lets You Use LinkedIn To Hook-Up With Strangers Who Have Jobs

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Once upon a time I assigned David to write an article about how to hook-up with girls using exclusively LinkedIn. That was right when the Tinder era was beginning to take off, before an app that made trollin’ for a hook-up on LinkedIn oh so easy. Now, according to an e-mail that just landed in my inbox, there’s an app called BeLinked that acts like Tinder, but connects exclusively to your LinkedIn profile. Think of it as Tinder where you can mix business and pleasure! 

After all, a post-grad Bro doesn’t let his standards slip and date someone who’s not a professional, right? Or worse… unemployed! BeLinked is a surefire way of knowing your next sexual companion has a job, too. Here’s the pitch:

Finding dates on LinkedIn may sound unconventional to some, but with over 300M users and profiles commonly trusted by employers for new hires, LinkedIn gives users a very true sense of who someone is and, coincidentally, answers the fundamental questions people want to know about a potential date: where they are from, where they go to school and what do they do, giving users a sense of comfort and trust.

BeLinked features the popular swipe left to pass, swipe right to like anonymous user-interface mobile daters have come to love, and is not based on your immediate LinkedIn connections. Once users do find a mutual match, BeLinked allows users to chat via a built-in messaging function. BeLinked also comes with a new “BeIntroduced” matchmaking feature that allows users to recommend potential dates to friends via SMS messaging or Email.

BeLinked is Tinder for LinkedIn!

BeLinked claims it will never post something to your LinkedIn. Hey, you never know when swiping right could turn into an ideal job opportunity. To networking!