This 80’s PSA About The Dangers Of Doing Cocaine Is The Most 80’s Thing I’ve Ever Seen On The Internet

Is it just me or are anti-drug PSAs a thing of the past? Maybe I’m just watching the wrong channels, or perhaps it’s because the states of Florida and New York only choose to run anti-smoking ads, but I feel like the age old tradition of running anti-drug PSAs is dead. Whatever happened to the ‘This Is Your Brain, This Is Your Brain On Drugs’ PSAs from our childhoods? I miss those, but this anti-cocaine PSA is a pretty good walk down nostalgia lane, so shout out to the editors over at DIGG for unearthing this clip.

As for the anti-cocaine PSA above from the 1980’s it IS VERY DARK. I never said it was 80’s in a good way, I just said that it’s the most 80’s thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet, and it is, probably due to the fact that it’s a massive pain in the ass to transfer all of those old VHS files to digital and toss them up on YouTube. So what makes this the most 80’s thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet? For starters it’s that music, that sick synthesizer beat straight out of my childhood. Then there are the objects around the room…the posters, boombox, clothing, hair, porn mustache, it’s EVERYTHING. Here are some highlights in GIF:

My biggest question is this: what is that thing he’s snorting those gator tails off of? Is that a notebook? A slab of slate? WTF is that?

I also kind of love how the film cuts out before he ever snorts anything, like it would’ve been too hardcore to get this actor to snort some pixy stix like the rest of us back in the 80s…Anyways, I hope we all learned something here today: don’t do cocaine in the 1980’s when there’s a revolver laying around.

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