This Bro On YouTube Has Some Very Solid Business Lessons, So Listen Up And Save Money On That MBA Bros

I don’t know who YouTuber Alex Berman is, but I like his YouTube schtick. He’s all about talkin’ sales and CRMs and all that business jazz that #getsshitdone and helps you earn those compensation bonuses in cubicle life. His most recent effort is called “Decisions to Exploit in Business and in Life” and, not going to lie, I soaked up the whole thing with wild-eyed enthusiasm.

There are some solid tactics here to go full Glengarry Glen Ross and ABC: Always Be Closin’. Listen up. This dude’s advice on YouTube is cheaper than classes for MBA credits.

Though still – you should probably get that MBA so you don’t hit a slammed against a salary glass ceiling in your field.

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