This ‘Elevator Murder Experiment’ Is Truly Outrageous

That's what this video of a staged murder attempt asks, and the wide array of reactions will likely make you somewhat dislike the current state of the human race–sure there are some heroes here, but certainly a surprising amount of bystanders and runaways. Obviously nearly all of us have no idea what we'd actually do in this situation, but “getting away with murder” definitely doesn't seem to be as difficult as often advertised. 

That said, hard to think this isn't double-staged in at least some capacity–the reactions do seem to be pretty natural, but how is no one just stomping that murderer to shreds? And that last guy. Here's to hoping he'll accomplish the remarkable acheivement of being the universally unacknowledged person who heroically uploaded footage to the internet.  

[H/T: Gothamist]