This Girl’s Reaction to Her Friends’ Engagements is Priceless

People fawning about engagement rings are odious. I'm all for you being engaged and happy and in love and set in a course to go down on in life, but LOOK AT MY RING people are terrible. Engagement rings are filthy, terrible baubles that only exist because dozens of decades ago women weren't allowed to hold jobs so if their man were to leave them they would have something to sell to support themselves for a bit. That's a fact. Now that we have jobs for everyone, they should be banned.

The people who scream when they see one are even more wretched OMG HE BOUGHT YOU A THING. YAYYY.

Have some class. Nod respectfully instead. This girl gets it. Let's look at her again. 

Also, this was probably staged because she's the kooky friend who hates marriage, but whatever. 

[H/T @MFAMBloggete]