This Man Loves Donald Trump So Much That He Got ‘Trump’ Tattooed On His Neck

by 1 year ago

Donald Trump is in the White House now and his supporters on the Trump Train couldn’t be happier. Like this guy in Texas. He’s making sure everyone knows his enthusiasm for The Donald with a tasteful neck tat. But the best part of this is his quotes to the press:

“He’s not the most politically correct person, but I’m not the most etiquette. I’m as thrown off as can be. Right is right, wrong is wrong. If it ain’t right, make it right,” said Williamson. “I didn’t get named Goober because I was the smartest one, but to each is their own.”

He loves Trump’s style and attitude and isn’t afraid of what the public may think of him. His friends and family all support him.

“I fell in love with Trump since day one,” said Williamson. “It’s hard to look in my eyes without seeing it.”

Williamson decided to get the new tattoo two weeks ago in time for the inauguration.

“At church, little old ladies go ‘oh I love that hoodie.’ I wear my hoodie faithfully. I say ‘if you like that, you’ll love this,'” said  Williamson. “I’m not scared to show what I got. You either love me or you don’t.

Meanwhile, at the Caps-Hurricanes game:

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