‘This Steak Is For Taxpayers!’ — Man Has No Chill On People Who Bought Lotto Tickets After Using Food Stamps

Everyone likes to huff and puff about food stamp and welfare programs. You can practically see the veins burst out of the heads of conservatives at the very mention of those words. Which is fine! I don’t care what other people’s beliefs are because this is America and you’re entitled to them.

But honestly, I’m not posting this to jerk-off my political views, I just want to think this guy just figured out a great way to score some free steak. Hang out in the grocery store looking for people paying with food stamps, wait for them to pull some moron move like using the cash they have in their pockets to buy a lotto ticket, then play the vigilante justice card in the parking lot, all while streaming it “FOR THE TAXPAYERS!” on Periscope.

You’re a fucking HERO, bro! And if they threaten to call the cops, you know this guy is going to play the “yeah, well I’m reporting you for welfare fraud!” card.

There is no doubt in my mind this dude went home with the biggest smile on his face, cracked open a 2-liter bottle of Diet Mountain Dew, turned on reruns of King Of Queens, and drenched his food stamp-acquired steak in A1 sauce.

He’s like the Robin Hood of mouth-breathing fat dudes.

But seriously tho, — I died laughing at “pregnant, smoking, and pajama pants?” It’s a bad look, sweetheart. And what is going on with the dude on the right? That guy is definitely coming off of a 48-hour meth binge.

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