Hey, This Tower Doesn’t Look Safe

Each one is predominately residential (in a neighborhood known for office buildings), each one is over 1,000 feet tall, and each one is skinny. Really skinny. Not only has the building boom affected investors looking to grab a safe real estate bet, it's driven architects to try and one up rival firm's designs.

So you get something like this: 107 West 57th, which is 1,350 feet tall and only 60 feet wide.

The skyscraper will be the third tallest in the city (after the new World Trade Center and its neighbor at 432 Park Ave.) and the fifth tallest in the country. And it contains only one apartment per floor. That's right: This home for the super-mega rich is really a collection of 100 penthouses.

And if there is any good news for those billionaires who lose their bidding, it's that this building has to fall over. 107 West 57th looks like what happens when you take every Lego in your room and stack them on top of each other until it topples onto the cat.

[H/T: Gizmodo]