These Senators Live in Absolute Frat House Squalor

CNN recently took a tour of the house. The resulting segment was fucking unbelievable. Because although the digs have gained notoriety in the political world, they're really worse than you'd imagine.

The trio has lived in the pad for the past 31 years while Congress is in session—their families stay in their respective states—and they admit they've done no upkeep over the three decades. The same Jackson Browne and Beatles albums line the shelves that were there in 1982, one couch is reclaimed, and there's a 46-year-old coffee table in the living room. “We're not afraid of the burglars,” Miller told CNN, “because we've been burgled twice and they took nothing.” Even this cardboard cutout in Schumer's bedroom looks like it'd be in the bedroom of your one pot-smoking, Engels-reading frat bro:

Anyway, you're not alone in thinking it's kind of insane that three of America's most powerful people live like TKEs in Ann Arbor. A few years ago, Garry Trudeau (the cartoonist responsible for Doonesbury) heard about the house and was inspired to turn it into a TV series. That show is now Amazon's Alpha House, starring John Goodman (with Bill Murray playing one senator!). In the show, though, the senators are Republicans.

(It beats me why the party switch was considered necessary. This seems like more of a bipartison health crisis.)