Nasty Vampire Tick Refuses To Be Removed From Person’s Thigh

Ticks are fucking assholes. They sit in the grass and wait until unsuspecting animals and humans stroll through and then they latch themselves to the unsuspecting pedestrian. Then when the host is sleeping they bury their evil hypostome, a needle-like straw, into the skin of their prey that helps them stay anchored as well as suck the blood of their victim. The vampire fucks are strong for their size as you will see from this video.

This tick bastard attached himself to a human thigh and somehow manages to not get sucked away by this suction device. Why not just rip that fucker right off you ask? Well the insect should be meticulously and properly removed because these tick twats can spread several diseases, including the debilitating Lyme disease. For two minutes they try to suck off the tick (That came out wrong). I haven’t seen that much sucking since I saw Adam Sandler’s The Cobbler. Anywho, they were not able to remove the bug, but the victim got a sweet third nipple on their thigh.

The doctor attempted to suck the nasty arachnid asswipe off to no avail and was forced to up the ante by using tweezers to remove the bloodsucking bug.

Fuck ticks (That came out wrong too).


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