This Bro’s Story About His New GF Getting Knocked Up Is Further Proof That These Chicks Ain’t Loyal, Bro

How well do you really know someone that’s only been in your life for a few weeks or months? Sleeping with someone can do some messed up shit to your brain. It can cause you to inflate your perception of how well you know someone, it can release some endorphins that make you feel all trusting and loyal, just a real cyclone of physiological fuckery that completely warps your reality. I just want you bros to remember one thing: some of these chicks ain’t loyal.

The story below is a heart breaker, because not just one life is ruined by some chick’s evil lies. This bro had his life completely twisted around due to the evil succubus’ lies, and now there’s a toddler walking around as the collateral damage.

TIFU (by) Not Getting a DNA Test by largeonbail

This FU as most is not from today but is from yesterday… actually you could argue the FU is 3 years ago or even 4.
Was in a fairly new relationship with a girl “Tara” for a few months while on a work term in my home town. Work term ended and i went back to school a few hours away. Within a couple months i had received a phone call from Tara telling me she was pregnant. I came home for the weekend and discussed what our plan was and she decided she was going to keep it.
3 years later my step mom urged my dad that I should do a paternity test since she thinks the child looked nothing like me. Got the results back today and for the last 3 years i was financially and emotionally invested in a child that wasn’t mine. Ends up Tara was sleeping around. Now i feel awful for the kid and don’t know how to exit the scene.
EDIT: Since this has been coming up in a lot of comments. I’m no longer seeing Tara for some time now other than picking the little one up every other weekend. I am going to try to ween myself out of their life and go on living mine. For the kid I hope she finds the real father but man thats gotta be an awkward conversation to start.
EDIT#2: Thanks for all the support and suggestions. Thankfully I don’t live in the US. As i mentioned I was in school out of the city so I wasn’t as close to the kid as most people seem to imagine. Work also took me a ways away for some duration for the 2nd year. Since i was in school for the 1st year and a half i wasn’t able to pay any child support during that time. I’m not asking for any of it back but i fully intend to cut payments from here on out.

There should seriously be criminal charges in place for women like this, women who ruin a man’s life all because they’re not capable of keeping their own life in check. This dude’s spent years and thousands of dollars taking care of a child, loving it, thinking it was his own. All to find out that the chick he thought he had a child with was a big fat, fatty fat liar. A liar of the worst order. I also don’t think it’s fair for this bro to classify this as a ‘TIFU‘ just because he didn’t get a paternity test, nobody should ever assume that another human being is actively trying to ruin their lives all because that human being is a reckless asshole.

Never forget the words of Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Tyga:

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