You’ve Never Seen Anything More Terrifying Than This Tiger Being Woken Up From A Nap

by 3 years ago

The first thing you should know about me as a person is that I’m probably the nicest, most caring individual in America. The second thing you should know about me is that I’m also the most humble human being alive. Lastly, the third thing you should know about me is that I value my sleep more than anyone in the history of mankind, and the quickest way to spin me into a murderous rampage is to wake me from a deep slumber.

I’ve never really seen myself in tigers very much, and though I’m fairly certain that my elementary school mascot was the Tigers I haven’t given the animal much thought over the years. That is until a few weeks ago when I actually got to feed two white tigers strips of chicken from the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota, Florida.

You can’t really tell in that video but one of the white tigers was significantly larger than the other, and I tried to feed the smaller one to get s/he to bulk up a little. I foolishly thought that this would be easy, instead what ended up happening was the bigger of the two tigers just swiped the smaller tiger in the face with his big ass paw and ate both pieces of chicken, and I sat there looking like an asshole in front of all the people who were watching.

Anyways, it’s okay if you pooped your pants while watching footage of that tiger from the Dublin Zoo that was woken up from its nap. I’m guessing that everyone in that room crapped their pants when they saw that exchange go down. Let’s just watch it once more in GIF before you go, shall we?

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