Topless Street Performer In Times Square Arrested For Offering Up BJ’s, So Apparently Times Square Is Cool Again?

It seems like over the past few months the chatter around the street performers of New York City’s Times Square has shifted from ‘Elmo attacking tourists’ to ‘topless chicks are everywhere and it’s pissing off the old people’. Which as someone who lives on the overpopulated island of Manhattan and avoids Times Square like the plague I’m totally cool with, because during the few times per year that I’m forced to travel through there to get to jamband concerts at the Best Buy Theater I’d much rater see boobs than smelly ass cartoon character costumes.

Getting back to the chatter surrounding Times Square, the New York Daily News is reporting that one of the topless street performers has been arrested after she offered an undercover cop oral sex and drugs, which means that according to the ‘NYC Handbook Of Grittyness’ the Crossroads of the Universe is getting cool again.


The topless titallaters of Times Square figured in two busts Wednesday night, with one woman getting arrested for drugs and prostitution and another accusing a South Carolina businessman of assaulting her, police sources said.
Destiny Romero, 20, one of the painted ladies who hustle tourists for tips at the Crossroads of the World, and her handler Jason Perez, 23, sold drugs to an undercover cop just before midnight Wednesday, police sources said.
The duo met the cop in Times Square and made a deal to sell him $200 worth of drugs and for Romero to perform a sex act on him, the sources said.
They met with him later at the Lexington Hotel at 511 Lexington Ave. and sold him coke and MDMA, and Romero agreed to the sex act, the sources said.
The NYPD beefed up security in Times Square after the Daily News published a series of stories about the topless women seeking tips from passers-by who pose with them for photos, shocking some parents with young children.
Romero was charged with three counts of drug possession and one count of prostitution, sources said. Perez was charged with promoting prostitution, sale and possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

So that settles it, right? Times Square’s now full of topless prostitutes, and that means that Times Square is no longer the most heinous place in New York City.