This Kid Claims To Have A Tinder ‘Cheat Code’ That Always Gets Girls’ Numbers And It Looks Like It Works


When it comes to Tinder you can’t just lead with any regular ol’ pickup line anymore. All the usual “There’s a party in my pants and you’re invited” and “In case you ever run out of chairs you’ll always be welcome to sit on my face” stupidity that’s typically associated with the dating app is becoming stale, and anyone who drops one of those cliché fuckbombs on the first message is automatically not getting laid. Granted, it’s not like you have to be a goddamn William Shakespeare to get laid, but all I’m saying is that you need just a wee little bit of originality if you want anyone to pay attention to you.

Which brings us to Reddit user I_eat_guineapigs, who claims to have a “cheat code” for Tinder that pulls girls’ numbers faster than Lindsay Lohan can snort a line of coke from a dingy club toilet seat. Before you go on and bitch about how “stupid” this kid’s method is, let me explain why it works since I’m a girl and I sorta get girl shit:

  1. It’s not douchey
  2. Who doesn’t like breakfast foods?
  3. It’s at least a 4/10 on the clever scale

That’s all you need; a 4/10 in terms of being clever and you’re set. Just remember to always set your goals low and you’ll probably strike gold…unless you’re ugly. In that case you’re fucked for life.

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[H/T Reddit]