Guy On Tinder Asked A Girl To Have Sex Using Only Emojis, She SCORCHED Him With Her Emoji Reply

The Great One once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Well, when it comes to getting laid, you still miss like 97% of the shots you DO take. It’s that 3% that keeps us coming back. That’s how much we like having sex. If we had that low of a success rate at any other activity, we would give up immediately. It’s a real testament to how good busting a nut feels.

Anyway, this emoji-only exchange might have been a miss for the BroBible reader — who sent us these Tinder texts he just had with a girl — but it’s good to see he’s taking his failures in stride. And although using only emojis to proposition a girl for sex over text is like grunting at her like a caveman in person, I think this is bound to work eventually. So keep pluggin’ away, Bro.

[H/T Reader Email]

J.Camm is the Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of BroBible.