Gal On Tinder Wants You To Fart In Her Face, Get Her Pregnant, So What Are You Waiting For?


A lot of young people don’t know what will make them happy. That’s sort of the problem with the Millennial generation. Reams of kids in their 20s wafting aimlessly through life, unsure of what they want from life or how they should contribute to society.

Sara, 23, does not have that problem. She wants to become a pediatric surgeon, which is a great way to provide to the community at larger.

And she wants a Bro who will fart in her face and knock her up.


Doctors make a lot of money, and there’s really no price you can put on a girl who doesn’t mind whenever you toot.

So the question, Bros, is are you as confident as Sara here. Do you think you could handle it?

She’s also got a sweet ribcage tattoo and is from New Jersey. Talk about a catch.