This Crude Tinder Pickup Line Doesn’t Work But I’m Still Going To Use It On My Next Match Who Has A Cat

Even though Tinder’s main purpose is to get you laid you can still go on there just to troll around and see what sorts of reactions you can get out of people. In fact, my go-to move is to type out an obnoxiously long-winded story about how I once stuck my dick into an electrical outlet to see if I would channel some powers X-Men style and be able to shoot lightning bolts out of my dick. Then the girl would say whatever, and I’d respond with “Sex with me is…electrifying.” It’s awful, makes almost no sense and I sound like I enjoy having sex with inanimate objects, but that’s all okay now since I have this brand NEW pickup line that involves me beating up cats.

Fuck cats get money troll chicks and Tinder your heart out.

[Via Imgur, header image from Youtube]