Guy’s Tinder Photo Is Him Posing Like Kate Upton And He’s Getting An INSANE Amount Of Matches


Sometimes you can be attractive, fit, and have just the right amount of scruff on your face but despite all the planets aligning perfectly you’ll still get 0 matches on Tinder. It happens, don’t blame yourself! Tinder is a fickle app where you have to stand out in order to fit in. But how do you stand out when all your competition is trying to pull the same shit you are?

Well you could go ahead and pose like Kate Upton in the snow, I guess.

Yeah, I wouldn’t think that would really work either…but I don’t have a problem being wrong, so it’s with moderate amusement that I say “Eh, looks like that shit works.” Just take a gander at Zach’s Tinder profile down below and then go wallow in self-pity over the fact that you didn’t come up with his idea first.



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[H/T FAF Magazine]

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