Tinder Users Shared What They Look Like In Real Life Versus Their Tinder Photos So Get Ready To Panic-Swipe Left

We don’t need to tell you how shallow Tinder is – from getting laid by dropping into a rap battle to chicks throwing shade at guys they consider to be “too short,” Tinder is a fickle, fickle world where people are only looking to get laid with the hottest they can pull.

However, according to Twitter’s newest trending hashtag #OnTinderAtTinder, the infamous dating app has hit a new low. Actually, that’s not quite true; Tinder was never really known for its users’ transparency. And now that #OnTinderAtTinder is showing what people look like in real life versus what they look like in their Tinder profile, there’s no WAY you’d swipe right on any of these people.

That’s not to say that they’re ugly. Far from it! Just that none of the “at Tinder” photos perpetuate the shallow standard of 8/10+ that we’ve all come to expect out of our matches. The best examples are below:

[H/T Uproxx]

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