‘Tinder: The Superhero Movie’ Trailer Shows Man’s Quest To Destroy The Bots Cockblocking You From Getting Laid

His life changed forever the day that ‘Tinder Man’ learned he could kill people with a simple left swipe of his hand, and he’s been a vigilante superhero ever since. In Tinder: The Superhero Movie Tinder Man is out to take down all of the bots invading Tinder, cockblocking you from getting laid on the world’s largest dating app, Tinder.

Though this is meant to be a joke it’s actually pretty amazing how they’ve managed to add theatrics to a very real problem on Tinder: the infestation and meteoric rise of spam bots on an app that was once very helpful in helping people get laid. Also, for a joke trailer Tinder: The Superhero Movie certainly got the production value of a Hollywood blockbuster, and for that I think Rooster Teeth deserves a round of applause.

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