A Sociologist Offers Advice On How To Make Your Tinder Profile Pop And Get More Matches



Once the darling child of the online dating app world, Tinder’s not getting the hype that it once was because matching and getting laid on Tinder’s become a nearly impossible task. Between both the rise of bots and total saturation of the market it’s hard to get noticed, and many people have flocked to other dating apps because the rat race that is Tinder became too much.

Well, a sociologist (you can find her at @JessicaCarbino on Twitter) spoke with ABC7News and provided some pretty good tips on how you can get noticed more on Tinder (and score more matches) by tweaking a few things here are there. These are some tips you probably want to take notes on, or put into practice immediately, if you’re still out there swiping.

via ABC7News:

West Hollywood-based Tinder says there’s a science behind swiping, and Dr. Jessica Carbino is their in-house sociologist.
“Individuals are looking for a lot of different signals and cues when they’re analyzing photographs,” Carbino said.
So what makes for an effective profile picture? Tinder gave us some of the do’s and don’ts.
Don’t wear a hat — it covers up your face — and don’t wear sunglasses. It covers up your eyes.
Tinder says even if you wear regular glasses, you should take them off for your profile picture.
Don’t wear neutral colors. Tinder suggests wearing something bright to stand out. Also, do wear something formal in at least one of your profile pictures.
People tend to respond to pictures with animals or traveling shots.
But the most important advice?
Always smile because people who smile are considered to be kind and approachable,” Carbino said.

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It doesn’t seem right to ask someone who wears glasses to scrub their Tinder profile free of all photos in which they are wearing glasses, but you can’t really argue with science. It’s time to get rid of those photos AND you need to make sure you are always smiling. This will in turn lead to more matches and that will lead to hiznitting this skizzins with greater frequency, which is what Tinder’s all about in the first place, right?

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