Tiny Girl Gets FLATTENED When She Attempts To Tackle A Linebacker And Fails Stupendously

Wake up, little snoozy. Smell the smelling salts.


Whether it was feminism, liquid courage, or just dimwitted rationale, this itty-bitty girl truly believed that she could tackle this stocky gentleman who is a linebacker.


This Lilliputian of a girl apparently plays rugby against other girls, and she tackles other women. So her logic is that she can also tackle a male football player. However, she does not factor in that nature granted men testosterone, greater muscle mass and denser, stronger bones, tendons and ligaments.


She charges the linebacker and attempts to take him out by ramming her head into his stomach. Right in the middle of the center of his gravity. He didn’t move. Not even an inch. Meanwhile the rugby player gets flattened and is laying on the ground.

Despite leading with her head, the worst that happened was that she bounced off him and fell to the ground. She could have easily suffered a neck injury.

It’s great to be a strong independent woman, but your belief in equality doesn’t actually add 100 pounds of muscle and mass. Sorry, physics don’t give a shit about your feminism.

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