Today in Russia: Bathing Naked in Cheese

Russians. Always doing the weirdest things. Today, it’s taking a naked bath in cheese. And not just any old cheese, but consumer cheese. Cheese people eat. And not just any old cheese people eat, but delicious string cheese! Fuck Russia. I would nuke them just for this. From the Daily Mail:

Russian food safety officials have launched an investigation into a group of male workers posing naked in a vat of milk used to make cheese.

Officials were notified by furious consumers after the internet posting of the ‘sickening’ picture of a New Year party at the plant in Omsk, Siberia.

‘Yeah, our job is really boring,’ says the caption on the online posting on the site of an Artem Romanov, one of the workers.

Well it is not us—the consumers’—fault that your job sucks. Don’t go ruining cheese for us just because you hate your job.

Of course, this being Russia, they didn’t recall the product. So be careful when purchasing any Omsk cheese.