New Class Teaches Toddlers How To Rave, DJ Parties, And Be The Next David Guetta

I’m pissed. I wrote a book about being a clueless new dad and now I’m finding out classes like this exist. I totally would have included a chapter for raising the EDM superstar. Damn it. Probably too late for a rewrite.

Anyway,  Animal NY is reporting that not only are kids learning all about EDM. CirKiz is an electronic dance music company teaching kids “how to DJ, wave around light up toys and generally just act mentally impaired for the sake of fun.”

The company is also throwing a huge blowout on Halloween for 6-12 year olds in New York City.

“One of the Meatpacking District’s trendiest clubs is hosting an EDM Halloween party — for 6-year-olds.

Electronic dance music series CirKiz is holding its Halloween party at VIP Room on Oct. 26. The event targets club kids who are literally kids — the party is geared toward 6- to 12-year-olds, though children of all ages are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. (Adults must be accompanied by a child.)”

If you read like that Stefon from SNL it’s even more absurd.

H/T Animal NY