Toddler Drinks Halfway Through A Bottle Of Dr Pepper And Finds Oh…OH GOD I’M GOING TO PUKE


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We’ll get to the disgusting part in a moment, but first thing’s first: why is a toddler drinking Dr Pepper? Who the fuck feeds toddlers soda? That’s horrible parenting. No child under the age of 5 “needs” or should even have soda, and out of all the soft drinks available in this day and age you chose to feed him Dr Pepper? That shit’s like drinking battery acid mixed with a hint of sewage. No self-respecting adult drinks it, so why the fuck would you feed it to your kids?


The family of a toddler found a ‘filthy’ three-inch long rat floating inside their son’s half-drunk bottle of Dr Pepper, it is claimed.

John Graves, of Katy, Texas, said his family was shocked to discover the rodent inside the bottle – a day after they had purchased it for his grandson in Galveston.

The youngster had drunk part of the soft drink while in the backseat of the car, but had not finished it and so they put the cap back on.(via)

A spokesman for Dr Pepper said the company is “very concerned” about Graves’ complaint, although whether they’re concerned because they think they’re about to get sued or if it’s because they’re worried about the welfare of a toddler who was allowed to ingest their toilet swill is another matter entirely. Supposedly it’s “almost impossible” for foreign objects to enter Dr Pepper containers during the bottling process, however upon asking for the bottle back in order to “carry out a full investigation” Mr. Graves said they were going to keep it to perform their own tests.

Yeah…or this is a hoax and you bumfucks were just looking to get your name in the papers. Why you chose to have your name associated with Dr Pepper and rats I couldn’t tell ya.

But then again, maybe this is legit – in which case here’s yet another reason to not drink Dr Pepper, although it’s not like you needed one in the first place.


john graves facebook


john graves facebook


john graves facebook

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