Our Favorite Hot Take Hottie Tomi Lahren Gave A Moving Speech About Having Her Heart Broken (So She’s Single?)

If there is one person on the internet I love to hate, it is The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren.

She burst onto our screens with her insanely passionate rant about Barack Obama’s inability to address the threat of homegrown radical Islam after five people were killed in Chattanooga, Tennessee last summer and has been delivering blistering, scorching takes ever since.

I watch every single one of them. They’re often delightfully misguided, blaming the 1986 Challenger explosion on Benghazi and ISIS on Bill Clinton’s philandering, but god bless if she doesn’t believe every fucking word of every fucking single one of them.

Today though, she took a completely different tact, giving her Final Thoughts a personal touch, talking about having her heart broken.

She’s right. I can’t believe I just said that, but she is. It’s the worst experience most people go through, and something that affects us all regardless of beliefs. And we all do come out of it stronger and better.

You know, I wanted to say something snarky here, but I can’t.

Shit. Please go back to saying Hillary Clinton wants to take guns from hard-working Americans and sell them in mosques at a discount. I liked you much better that way.

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