5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tomi Lahren, America’s Sometimes-Lonely Hot Take Queen

There’s an old saying that almost every single rapper has quoted at least once: “It’s lonely at the top but the view is nice.” Apparently that applies to Internet hot take queen Tomi Lahren just like it applies to anyone else with rabid success in their chosen field. Heavy is the head that wears the hot take crown.

America’s social media hot take queen, Lahren has thrived at timely responses to controversy, earning her hundreds of millions of views over the election cycle and over three million Facebook fans. The very definition of a pundit, she is plenty loved in many corners of the conservative Internet and plenty despised in others.

The best thing I’ve ever read about Lahren is a candid personal profile by Naomi Martin, a reporter for the Dallas Morning News. Seriously, stop whatever you’re doing and go read it — It gives some amazing insight into the background of the South Dakota-born, UNLV-educated Internet celebrity.

Here are some of the most revealing tidbits, including what might be in Lahren’s future after the election. I’ll be straight — As awesome as it is to have millions of Facebook Likes for your bank account, I’m not sure anyone really is going to wish they were Tomi Lahren after reading it.

1. Her personal life is “not in such a great place right now,” as she has mentioned in a video: 

Lahren spends most of her free time at home, with her Chihuahua mix, Kota, whom she adopted from a Dallas shelter and named for her home state.

“Yeah, I have millions of views, thousands of followers, likes and retweets, but guess what: I still get lonely,” she says in an August video. “My professional life is taking off, thanks to all of you. I am so blessed. My personal life? Eh, not in such a great place right now.”

2. Her best friend is her co-worker and making friends in Dallas — home of the $30,000-a-year millionaire — isn’t the easiest place for the 24-year-old to make buddies:

Lahren’s best friend in Dallas is her producer, Jessica Grose, who used to work for TMZ and Oprah. They like to go sit on Uptown patios like The Rustic and have a few beers and some chips and queso. Lahren’s had trouble making friends in Dallas, though, because most young adults seem to be living off their parents’ money, and are obsessed with flashy cars and clothes. She says she doesn’t care about fancy things, though she does drive a luxury car: a pearl-white Cadillac ATS. The Blaze reportedly gives her a $40,000 allowance for clothing, but she says she still shops at less-expensive stores.

3. She’s too controversial for Fox News and considers Kim Kardashian’s media empire something to aspire for:

People may look at Lahren and see “Fox News,” but she says she’s “too controversial” for the cable network. She wants to start her own media empire, and is inspired by the career paths of Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey and her boss, Beck. She could run for office, though her higher priority is having a family.

4. She loves rap, even though she called Jay-Z out when Beyoncé publicly supported Black Lives Matter.

“[Beyoncé] just like President Obama, Jada Pinkett Smith, Al Sharpton and so many others, just can’t let America heal,” she said. “You keep ripping off the historical Band-Aid. Why be a cultural leader when you can play the victim, right?”

She then called out Jay Z: “Your husband was a drug dealer. For 14 years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods. Start at home.”

Jay Z didn’t ask permission, but Lahren, who loves hip-hop, now says that was “the best thing of my life,” and she “always wanted to be a rap muse.”
Rappers are a muse for her, too. She blasts hip-hop in her earphones on her morning runs and mulls over her “Final Thoughts.” She makes notes in her iPhone of her ideas, editing her monologues while listening to rappers who would probably find those ideas abhorrent.

5. There’s a strong chance she’ll work for Donald Trump’s forthcoming-but-inevitable cable network when her contract is up in a year:

Trump is reportedly interested in starting a Trump TV network after the November election. Lahren seems like an obvious pick. Her contract is up in a year, and she doesn’t see herself staying in Dallas. She wants to be in a city that’s more of a media hub, like New York. She says Trump hasn’t reached out about that, but from her side, she wouldn’t rule it out.

Seriously, go read the whole thing over at the Dallas Morning News…

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