Tortoise Pulls The Ultimate Bro Move, Helps His Fellow Bro Out When He’s Having A Rough Time

What is being a Bro all about? I can tell you that it’s not about wearing a certain type of boatshoe, playing D3 lacrosse at a New England liberal arts school, or spending your Saturdays drinking so much Natty Light that you puke all over your Patagonia half-zips. Rather, it’s about being a stand-up gentlemen who can level the fuck up when he needs to, like when a fellow Bro needs a helping hand or finds himself in harms way. Being called to action is what a Bro does best.

As we’ve seen time and time again, the Animal Kingdom has some very Bro tendencies. The most recent animal Bro move to hit the Internet comes from Taiwan, where a tortoise at the zoo was flipped over and stranded on his back. Fortunately, the fellow tortoise Bro came to the rescue, wasting no time in heroically pushing his companion over.

All the fist-pounds to you, Mr. Tortoise Bro. Of course, there’s a strong likelihood it just wants to have sex with it, but whatever. Bro move is a Bro move, regardless.

Hope you they could laugh it off over some cold Tecate cans afterwards.

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