Tourists In Trouble For Touching Naked Statue’s Boobies


Wikimedia Commons

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in China, don’t be feeling on any statue titties because you’re going to get in trouble.

Tourists at a popular holiday spot have landed in hot water for fondling the breasts of a naked marble sculpture.

The offenders face being banned from tourist areas as the incident comes at a time when Chinese officials are clamping down on what has been labelled “uncivilised behaviour”.

Several men visiting Huaqing Pool, a complex of popular hot springs, were spotted taking photographs with their hands on the breasts of the sculpture in Xi’an city, capital of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province.

Tourists were posting the photos online — because no one ever thinks that’s a bad idea — and locals starting freaking out over the “disrespectful” act.

A photo of the statue is above (minus the groping hands), and seriously, she’s just BEGGING to get her titties touched. They’re all perfect and perky and screaming “SOMEONE PLAY TUNE IN TOKYO ON THESE RIGHT NOW!”

No word on if the tourist were American but let’s all go ahead and assume they are because ‘Merica loves touching some titties.

[via News AU]

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