Chilling Footage Of A Train Absolutely Demolishing A FedEx Truck Is Why You NEVER Stop On The Tracks

This dashboard camera footage comes by way of Northern Salt Lake City where a FrontRunner train recently collided with a FedEx truck. There was an electrical malfunction at this particular train track crossing which stopped any of the warning lights to flash or the bars to block the roadway.

It was a potentially fatal electrical malfunction, with the FedEx truck getting scissored in half and the driver narrowly missing getting hit dead on by the train. Collisions between cars and trains are exceedingly rare these days in the United States, certainly more rare than plane crashes. But even when these collisions occur we rarely get a look at them because it requires someone with a dashboard camera (like this) to be sitting right there in traffic.

Seriously, this is nucking futty:

I can’t help but think of that scene in Necessary Roughness:

Coach Gennero: What happened, who missed their assignment?
Coach Rig: Everybody missed their god-damn assignment!

The truck was creeping at 5mph because they were driving carefully in the snow, but were blissfully unaware of the train hauling ass. The truck going in the other direction had just BARELY cleared the tracks when mayhem broke out. But the driver with the DashCam seemed to know what was happening and stopped well short of the tracks…Why? Is this a conspiracy?

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