This Personal Trainer Drinks A DISGUSTING Amount Of Breast Milk A Week, Claims It’s ‘Like Steroids’



At no point in any of our meaningless and stupid lives should we ever so desperate for anything that drinking breast milk seems like a good idea. Don’t care if you have caner, don’t care if ya got an inoperable brain tumor, breast milk isn’t gonna fix any of that. If you’re a personal trainer maybe it’ll help you bulk…but come on. There are SO many other options out there for building muscle that turning to boob squirts is completely unnecessary.

Danny Davidson does not agree with me.

Fitness fan Danny Davidson started drinking women’s breast milk five years ago in a bid to kick-start his career as a hunky gym instructor.

Now the 31-year-old, from Watford, has launched his own company and swears by the unusual nutritional supplement for optimum health.

“There are lots of natural growth hormones in it and I would much rather drink that than inject myself with synthetic stuff,” he told the Mirror Online.

“I first got into it when some rugby lads at the gym recommended it to me and I was so desperate to build muscle at the time so I just went for it.”(via)

Danny reportedly buys the milk from a group of moms who sell the milk for $2.30 per 2 ounces – meaning Danny blows over $20 a week on drinking breast milk. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, it does indeed taste like shit apparently.

“I have grown muscles over the past five years but I can’t prove whether that’s down to the breast milk or protein supplements and my workout routine.

“But it’s quite dense and bitter because of all the raw minerals. It’s not very nice.”(via)

Um, yeah because it’s not meant for anyone’s consumption aside from babies’. And the fact that he doesn’t know if the breast milk is even making a difference when compared to his other protein supplements is laughable – JUST STOP DRINKING BREAST MILK AND LIVE A NORMAL LIFE. Jesus.

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