4 Steps for Transforming Dusty Basements Into Amazing Man Caves

1. Decide How You'll Use the Space
Before you go on a shopping spree for masculine-looking home decor, stop and take a few moments to consider what you want to do in your man cave. Are you looking for a quiet office where you can read, surf the Internet, and catch up on work in peace? Do you want a state-of-the-art entertainment system for watching movies and catching the game? Is your ideal man cave a place where you can entertain your friends with all the amenities of a great bar?
If you have a sizeable basement, there's no need to choose just one purpose. Divide the area with walls, screens, or even cubicle dividers so there's a place for everything.

2. Paint and Carpet the Space Accordingly
Most basements are dusty and drab by nature. A good coat of paint and some carpeting will transform the space instantly. Banish the creepy warehouse look with colored walls. A beige is non-committal and works with most decor. You can also paint the walls in your team colors or another lively shade. Avoid anything too dark since you probably have little to no natural light down there.

Choose carpeting that's easy to clean for your man cave. The last thing you need to worry about is hauling a carpet steamer down to take care of stains from beer spills or Cheetos crumbs. Something with a low pile will make the space look finished without creating a lot of housekeeping work.

3. Create Functional Areas
Arrange the furniture in your man cave to create distinct areas. Most basements are too large to look cohesive with just a scattering of chairs and tables. Instead, cluster comfortable seating near the TV to create an area for watching your favorite shows and games. Set up a pool table in a corner with stools or other separate seating for those playing and watching the game. Build your bar along a wall where it can occupy its own distinct space.

4. Include Sustenance
You don't want to have to trudge up and down the stairs every time you need a snack or something to quench your thirst. No good man cave is complete without some type of sustenance. At a bare minimum you should include a cabinet for snacks and a mini-fridge for drinks. If you want to really go all out, add a full bar complete with manitowoc ice machines and room for a keg.

A large refrigerator will give you room for plenty of food and drinks. You probably don't want a full kitchen down there, but a crock pot, microwave, toaster oven, or popcorn machine makes for a nice addition for warm food.

Every man needs a space that's free from feminine touches for a little R&R. Turn your basement into a manly getaway with these essential steps.

Author Bio:
Abigail Clark is an upcoming freelance writer. She graduated from The University of South Florida with a bachelors in marketing, minoring in journalism. When she isn’t up to her neck in coupons she is enjoying the outdoors fishing. She loves doing reviews for technology, home products and beauty products. If you would like her to do a review for you look her up on twitter

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