Trash-Talking Chess Hustler Picks The Wrong Opponent To Screw With And It’s So Much Fun Watching Him Lose

I watched this video twice. Once, to enjoy the trash-talking old man get his ass handed to him on his own board and the second time just to watch the actual chess moves. I couldn’t keep up with all the moves.

I COULD keep up with all the talk and the old man yapped a good game, and played one too, but realized he was in trouble about two minutes into the match.

The guy sitting at the table across from him? Grandmaster Maurice Ashley. Ashley returned to Washington Square Park for a little revenge, even though the guys who beat his board in back in the day are long gone. Instead, he took his decades old frustration out on this old man.

Most enjoyable was how the old man knew he was licked so he tried to palm a piece and NOPE.

[via GQ]