The R&B Jam ‘Treat All Women With Respect’ Carries A Great Message But Wow Is It So Astoundingly Bad



I have to believe this song is sincere, because I can’t imagine anyone could make something like this as either a joke or meta-commentary on the state of R&B music and domestic violence.

And if it is, it carries a great, GREAT message. Just look at some of the lyrics:

Know your child, love your child and provide
She might be the next – Beyonce or Sally Ride…..

That’s so true. And even if she’s not, you should still love her.

One, two, three, four
No more women on the flooooor…

Yea. Agree. And my fave.

Don’t be a baby daddy and walk away
Be a Father – it’s okay to stay
If you father a child, it’s just the beginning,
With child and mother in your life, that is winning

So, like, yes, behoove the words of DaddyDaDa and treat all women with respect. But first, enjoy their embarrassingly bad song.

[Via the one and only Brandon Cohen]