People Are Getting Real Pissed Off Over This Tricky Brick Wall Optical Illusion, Myself Included



The above image has been making the rounds on Facebook, with people trying to figure out what’s so goddamned special about this wall? The answer, in short, is that there’s nothing special about the wall. It’s a wall. It has rocks. Someone presumably built it and then left it standing there for others to enjoy. What more could you want to know about it?

Oh, right – it’s an optical illusion. True shit, look at me here, forgetting about what the whole point of this post was. Aren’t I absent minded?

But yes – look at the wall. Do you see it? It’s got something to do with the lone rock wedged between layers right in the middle there. How about now?




See? It’s a cigarette. The lone rock is the lit end and the shadow in the crack of the wall is the rest.

Like I said…there’s nothing really special about this wall. But aren’t you happy you know that for yourself now?

[H/T Mirror]