Bro Trolls Pillhead Who Texted Wrong Number Looking For Drugs And He Might Need A New Identity Now

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The LAD Bible received this story from a guy who received a wrong number text from someone looking to score oxycodone pills and proceeded to troll the holy hell out of him.

Never mess with a pill popper. If someone you know is getting way too loose with pills then, obviously, you step in and correct necks, but if some rando is fiending over text, I’m not sure trolling them into showing up at an abandoned rehab center is the right move. A functioning rehab center, maybe, but abandoned? Damn, that’s cold. Like, haha, you thought I was going to get you high then you thought I was getting you help, and instead I’ve just wasted your time and your buzz.

Would anyone be surprised if this troll goes missing then ends up on the evening news? You read the text convo below and let me know if the troll should consider a name change and a new residence…

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The Lad Bible

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve lied to girls I just met that my friend and I had almost every drug known to man – and some unknown because I made them up – to lure them convince them to come to my buddy’s apartment only to severely disappoint them, but isn’t alcohol a drug? We had alcohol. How crazy are women? I could’ve been James Franco from Spring Breakers. Fun at first, but sooner or later everyone’s running around with automatic weapons in bikinis and getting filled with hot lead.

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