This Guy Beautifully Trolled A Pyramid Scheme On Facebook And It Took Over A DAY For The Schemer To Notice


I’m sure many of you have heard of Cutco, yes? No? Well Cutco is a company that sells knives via the door-to-door route and for some reason has a tendency to prey on impressionable (read: stupid) high school kids. Back when I graduated in 2010 I had at least 3 friends “working” for Cutco, and by “working” I mean bugging the shit out of me to buy knives. I was 17 and about to move into a dorm, the fuck am I gonna do with a bunch of $200 knives? In any case, this was my understanding of what their jobs were at the time:

  1. Sell knives
  2. Get friends to sign up to sell knives
  3. ????
  4. Maybe profit?
  5. ????
  6. Just kidding you didn’t profit

Now to be fair, I just Googled Cutco and they’re still around so it would appear that they’re not an actual pyramid scheme, just a company that preys on idiots to sell their products (in which case I have no idea how they’re still in business). But do you have any idea how fucking annoying it is to have people hitting you up 24/7 to buy into some product you not only have 0 use for, but to try to get you to join the sales team? If you do, you’ll have some immense appreciation for the following Facebook conversation where this guy trolls an obvious Pyramid scheme for trying to sell him bullshit anti-aging creme…and if you haven’t, well, you’ll like it anyway because it’s amusing. At no point does the Pyramid schemer catch onto any of the blatant sarcasm being thrown around, which perfectly explains how he/she/it got sucked into being part of a pyramid scheme in the first place.





[H/T Death and Taxes]