People Are Trolling The Hell Out Of Miley Cyrus’ Instagram After Nicki Minaj Called Her Out At The VMAs



Aside from Kanye West announcing he’s running for president and Miley Cyrus running around in various stages of undress (which is basically par for her course at this point), the 2015 VMAs were pretty boring; it’s been 3 days since they aired and I don’t remember anything else that happened. Granted, I also didn’t actually watch the broadcast, but that’s beside the point. Give it another two days and no one will even remember what a flop of a host Miley Cyrus was, let alone her beef with Nicki Minaj.

Speaking of her beef with Nicki Minaj, I would’ve already completely forgotten about it had the Internet trolls not come out and blown up Miley’s spot on Instagram. Rather than the usual slew of “omg Miley plz come to *insert random country no one cares about here*”, “ew put clothes on you whore” and random gibberish that I’m pretty sure isn’t even a language in the comments, we now have the following:





On one hand, people might just want to know what’s good with Miley. On the other, does anyone actually care what’s good with Miley? Probably not at this point.


Nicki Minaj: 2

Miley Cyrus: 0


[H/T Uproxx]