Genius In His Truck Has To Be Rescued By Helicopter After Driving Onto Jetty During High Surf Advisory (27ft Waves)

There has been some crazy weather all across the nation recently. Yesterday in Humboldt County there was a ‘High Surf Advisory’ in effect from the National Weather Service. This advisory called for 27-foot waves, and as you can see in the footage above the weather was insane.

Some genius decided to drive his truck out onto Humboldt Bay’s North Jetty, a decision that would eventually lead to him being rescued by a helicopter. Someone filmed this genius as he drove his truck into

California’s been getting pounded with rain storms to the point that only 51% of the state is still under drought, and there’s no longer any ‘extreme drought’ regions of the state. This is great news for everyone in California as they’ll finally be able to take frivolously long showers like the rest of us in America. Taking an hour-long shower isn’t just a waste of water, it’s our God-given rights as Americans, and a right that Californians have been deprived of for way too long.

(h/t r/videos)

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