Guy Faking As Trump Campaigner Offers People $40 To Make Muslims Wear ‘Terrorist Badges’ With Horrifying Results

by 3 years ago

At first I was blown away by how fucked up the people in this video are, but then I realized that shit, if someone offered ME $40 to assign “terrorist badges” to people then I’d totally take the money! Granted I’d also throw away those stupid “badges” in the nearest garbage can then head on over to Ruby Tuesday’s to spend my lazily earned $40, but the video obviously wouldn’t follow me all the way across town to watch me chow down on cheeseburgers. So how do we know all the people featured in this video are insidious scumbags?

Unfortunately, we don’t – what would be great is if we got a follow-up video where the campaigner doesn’t offer $40, but I’ve got a sinking suspicion the “social experiment” wouldn’t have as click-worthy success as it does with the inclusion of $40.

Just goes to show you that everything on the Internet is a lie if you think hard enough about it…or if you think about it at all, really.

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