While Calling Trump’s Pee Pee Dossier ‘Rubbish,’ Vladimir Putin Declares That Russia Has The Best Prostitutes In The World

In a very Trumpian idiolect, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that his country has the best prostitutes in the world. Putin made the proclamation while he dismissed the golden showers dossier on President-elect Donald Trump as “false” and “rubbish.”

At a news conference in Moscow on Tuesday, Putin addressed the unverified allegations in a 37-page document against Trump when he was in Moscow in 2013 for the Miss Universe pageant.

It is true that when (Trump) came to Moscow — I don’t remember when, a few years ago — he was not a political actor. We did not know about his political ambitions. He was just a businessman, one of the rich people of America. What do you think — we have special security services running after every American billionaire? Of course not. It is complete rubbish.”

Then Putin challenged the unsubstantiated rumors that Trump had prostitutes urinate in the Presidential suite of the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow, where the Obamas had previously stayed.

“Did Trump really come and meet with Moscow prostitutes? Firstly he is an adult, and secondly he is a person who for many years has organized a beauty pageant, socialized with the most beautiful women in the world.”

That’s a fair answer. But then Putin inexplicably said this:

“It is hard to believe that he ran to a hotel to meet with our girls of a low social class, although they are the best in the world.”

Did Putin just make an advertisement for people to come to Russia with the message that his country offers the best sex tourism?

If you’ve ever been to a strip club in New York City you would not doubt that Russian prostitutes are the best in the world. However, in order to anoint Russian prostitutes as the greatest in the world you would first need to have experienced a Russian prostitute (Which is illegal in Russia and carries a fine of around $30) and secondly you would need to have pay for the services of sex workers from other countries to compare.

Then Putin called the media that published the unverified accusations as “worse than prostitutes.”

“But finally, you know, what I want to say, prostitution is a serious, ugly, social phenomenon, young women do this connected to the fact that they cannot survive any other way and that is a problem of society but people who order false information and spread this information against the elected President, who fabricate it and use it in a political fight, they are worse than prostitutes.”

Welcome to world politics in 2017.