Trump Goes All In On Bush-9/11 Claims, Says Dubya Knew Attack Was Coming


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It’s a true testament to how low our level of political discourse has sank that simple statements of facts from decades ago — things as basic as admitting a real human person existed — can completely upend an entire election.

This time, it’s Donald Trump, who is making the BOLD claim that George W. Bush was in the White House when 9/11 happened.

(He wasn’t, Donnie. He was in Florida.)

It’s a point that should have been debated in the 2004 election and never was, but since Jeb Bush is running and stupidly trumpeting his brother’s record on terrorism — as though the fact that my half-brother is an auto mechanic renders me competent enough to change my brakes — Donald Trump is bringing up that George W. Bush ordered CIA operatives to rig the World Trade Center with explosives and bring it down in a controlled demolition.

Oh wait. He didn’t even go that far. But people still flipped shit when Trump said 9/11 happened on Bush 2’s reign. Which … it did.

Hell, people went so far as to blame Bill Clinton for it, while conspicuously absolving Reagan of leaving Afghanistan a failed state after arming its populace, so to hell with it this shit’s really all just George Washington’s fault. If he hadn’t founded this country, 9/11 would never exist. Although the London subway system was attacked by radical Islamists too, so … fuck.

Blame God? No, that won’t work either.

Regardless, Donald Trump isn’t backing down from making bold statements of basic fact, this time claiming that Dubya had “advanced notice” of the 9/11 acts.

On August 6th, 2001, the President of the United States was given a memo by the CIA that stated Al-Qaeda operatives were living in the U.S. and that Bin Laden was determined to strike the U.S. by having them hijack airplanes.

Was George Bush that president?

The easy answer is yes.

We’ll need to see what the other candidates have to say before we jump to conclusions.

[Via Mediaite]