Old Man Trump Supporter Blasts 15-Year-Old Trump Protester With Pepper Spray After She Throws A Haymaker At Rally

Per the YouTube description:

15-year-old Alex was part of a group of Black Lives Matter activists protesting at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Janesville, Wisconsin today. As tensions between the protesters and Trump supporters escalated, Wisconsin State Journal reporter Molly Beck captured Alex pushing a Trump supporter, and that Trump supporting unloading a can of pepper spray into the young girl’s face.

How little confidence do you have to have in yourself to be a 65-year-old man carrying around a tube of pepper spray? My grandfather took shrapnel in his ass in World War II and watched Saw alone with the lights off and this pansy is carrying around mase on his keychain in case someone wants to touch his dick. Please, I’m begging you, in 30 years if you see me at a rally, of ANY kind, and I’m playing the petty ‘you touched me, I didn’t touch you’ schtick with a  15-year-old girl, please do what I’ve never had to courage to do and put a bullet in between my eyes. No one will really care and the world will be better for it.

But there are two sides to the coin. If I raise a daughter who attends rallies and is THAT instigator chick, please take her away. I’m not fit to raise a child like that. The people who attend rallies are as worthless as the people who camp outside Best Buy the night before Black Friday. Goddamn bottom-feeders.

Also, I wonder if this chick would still be out showing her support if she couldn’t post to her social media accounts of how virtuous and forward-thinking she is. “I’M MAKING A DIFFERENCE! LIKE AND SHARE!”

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