Exes Play ‘Truth Or Drink’ And Discuss Whether Or Not They Think Of Each Other While Masturbating

The production team from Cut Video (see: Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time) just dropped another humdinger of a video, in this one they’ve got exes meeting face to face at a table and playing ‘truth or drink’. ‘Truth or drink‘ is exactly what it sounds like, you either drink or answer the question. Only in this situation the sets of people playing the game are former couples, and they’re forced to discuss things like ‘Did your family secretly hate me?’ or ‘Do you ever think of me while masturbating?’ This is an absolute barrage of truth bombs, and I’m thankful I wasn’t in this video myself:

“Do I ever pop into your head while masturbating?” is quite possibly the last thing I’d ever want to discuss ON CAMERA with any ex. Maybe I’m alone on this, but I’d rather talk about dead animals and genocide than sit at a table and play a game of ‘Truth or Drink’ with one of my exes and air all that dirty laundry out there. Perhaps it’s my Scotch-Irish upbringing where we kept everything bottled up inside until it spewed from the surface like a volcano erupting. Or mayhap I just think all of my exes are either awful people who don’t deserve me dropping truth bombs on them, or on the other end of the spectrum they were too nice and I wouldn’t want them to know how awful of a human being I am. Either way, ‘truth or drink’ is 100% NOT something I’d ever want to play with one of my exes.

Last time we saw ‘Truth or Drink‘ from Cut Video it was couples playing, and we learned things such as one couple once banged in a chicken coup. I think I prefer that video to this one, but to each his own.