This Video Is A ‘Try Not To Laugh’ Challenge And I Went :23 Seconds Before Laughing — You Won’t Make It Far Either

laughing at work


I pride myself in my ability to keep a straight face. Sure, I laugh when something is funny, but I always do my best to never overstate how humored I am.

Basically, if something is really funny, I’ll laugh. But don’t come here expecting to get a pity chuckle out of me. That’s not my style.

Yesterday on Reddit, a thread asked for the best :10 second videos that crack people up every time. One lunatic collected all of those videos and put together over seven minutes of absolute hilarity.

To my surprise, these are actually all pretty funny.

Bet you can’t make it all seven minutes without laughing.

Did you laugh?

A few of these got me. But, damn, that Toy Story one was messed up, wasn’t it?

[via Reddit]