The TSA’s Reaction To Finding A Dildo Taped To A Water Bottle Inside This Bro’s Backpack Is Pure Prank Gold

Sometimes the BroBible tip line is an enchanting place full of body transformation stories and pranks.

Most of the time, however, it looks like this:



Luckily for us though, today we got a solid tip about a prank a bunch of guys on a bachelor party trip pulled on their friend. It is 100x better than whatever that nonsense you saw above is, and is even written in a coherent manner without any references made to the illuminati:

My buddy left on a bachelor party yesterday and played a prank on one of the guys who has never been on plane before, they taped a dildo to a water bottle and put it in his carry on bag. When it went through security TSA had to inspect his bag and take it out in front of everyone!

The TSA agent who found the dildo was surprisingly nonchalant about it, which is exactly how I want the people who are supposed to be protecting us from bombs and terrorists at the airport: blasé about their career choice.

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