Man With The World’s Biggest Balls Wore A “Fuck The Police” T-Shirt To Court And WON HIS CASE

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According to Floridian (of course he’s from Florida, where else?) Michael Burns, police singled him out during a roadside party he was having just for the sake of “ruining their fun,” and was then pulled over immediately after leaving for what the cops stated was because of an obstructed license plate number. Retelling the story in court, Burns stated that he “…refused to answer any of his [cop] questions…and advised him I would see him in court to fight it when he told me I had to take it off.”

And yes, he managed to win his court case…despite his fashion choices. For whatever reason Burns chose to bring along a videographer to record his court appearance, which you can check out below:

[H/T Death and Taxes]